Bow Horn Bay Fire Department


The Bow Horn Bay Fire Department’s operational and financial matters are overseen by a Board of Trustees, who meet on a monthly basis.  Each Trustee has a single vote and their power lies in the ability to convince the other Trustees to agree with their point of view.  Therefore, one Trustee cannot commit the Fire Department to any particular action, not even the Chairperson.  The powers of Trustee are collective, rather than individual.


Trustees are expected to act in the best interest of the community and strive to govern in the best interests of the residents. Trustees must not use their position to benefit personally or they may be in a conflict of interest.


The term of office for all Trustees is three years, unless they were elected to fill the remainder of the term for a position that became vacant before the end of the term.  Trustees are elected by the Members of the Bow Horn Fire Department and any remuneration (honorarium) paid to the trustees is determined at each year’s Annual General Meeting, by the Members/Firefighters.  




  • Roy Allen
  • Kaitlyn Johnson
  • John Arnold
  • Bill Lovegrove
  • Gayle Begin
  • Alex McQueen
  • Pat Doyle
  • Dick Stubbs
  • Al Grozell
  • Melanie Young




Individuals who aspire to join the Bow Horn Bay Fire Department (BHBFD) Board of Directors are required to submit an application form for consideration in the election process.  We welcome dedicated individuals who are committed to our mission and values.


Application Submission:

Interested individuals must obtain the official BHBFD Board of Directors Application Form.

  • Complete the application form in its entirety, providing accurate information.

  • Submit the completed application form, together with a Bio to introduce yourself, noting any relevant life experience, knowledge, skillset, or competencies that you feel are relevant.  


Application Review and Evaluation:

The BHBFD Board of Directors Application Review Committee will carefully review and evaluate all submitted applications.  This committee is responsible for ensuring that candidates meet the eligibility criteria and possess the qualifications and attributes essential for serving on the board effectively.


Election Process:

Candidates who successfully pass the application review and evaluation process will be eligible for nomination to the BHBFD Board of Directors.  The election process will include:

  • Presentation of candidates to the BHBFD membership.

  • Member voting to elect new directors.

  • Announcement of elected directors.