For Fire, Medical and Police Emergencies Call 9-1-1

Forest Fire Reporting: (800) 663-5555 or *5555 from cellphone



Effective at noon on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017, all open fires will once again be permitted throughout the Coastal Fire Centre's jurisdiction, since recent rainfall and cooler temperatures have reduced wildfire risks in the region.

Category 2 open fires and Category 3 open fires will be permitted, as well as the use of tiki torches, burn barrels, fireworks, sky lanterns and binary exploding targets.

The campfire ban that was in place in the Coastal Fire Centre this summer was lifted on Sept. 18, 2017.

Local governments may still have their own burning restrictions in place, so people should always check with local authorities before lighting any fire of any size.

Anyone lighting a Category 3 fire must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1 888 797-1717. A Category 3 fire is a fire that burns material more than two metres high or three metres wide, stubble or grass over more than 2,000 square metres, or more than two piles of any size.

If you require further information or clarification please call the Fire Hall 1 250 757 9433, or the Fire Chief on 1 250 240 0419, or the Deputy Chief 1 250 228 2200.





Firefighters with the five departments in District 69 will be conducting the annual food and toy drive during the weekend of Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19. Donations are for the Salvation Army. The six departments in District 69 are Bow Horn Bay Fire Department, Coombs Hilliers Volunteer Fire Department, Dashwood Volunteer Fire Department, Errington Volunteer Fire Department, Parksville Volunteer Fire Department and Qualicum Beach Fire Department. 

Oceanside residents have always been generous with their contributions and District 69 fire departments look forward to another successful year. The first food drive was held in 1997 in Qualicum Beach and then joined by Parksville in 1998. 2016 was the first year of participation for the Errington and Coombs-Hilliers departments and 2017 is the first year for Bow Horn Bay Fire Department. 

The week prior to the food drive, through the local newspapers, Quality Foods will provide paper bags for groceries.



Bow Horn Bay Fire Department 

The Bow Horn Bay fire hall, located at 220 Lions Way in Qualicum Bay, will be open to receive donations on both Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19 from 10 am to 4 pm. The department will welcome residents for hot chocolate or coffee and the department will be offering tours of the fire hall and their trucks. As well, you can pick up a free 9 volt battery for your smoke detector.


Contact is Fire Chief Geoff MacIntosh 


Now Recruiting!


Stop by the fire hall for Monday evening practice at 7:00PM or fill out an application today!

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