Engine 7-2

2011 Freightliner, diesel engine chassis, all-wheel drive with a Rosenbauer body and Waterous pump capable of 1050 IGPM (1260 USGPM).  It carries 1000 Imp Gal (1200 USG) on board.  This is our first out of the hall engine for structural fires.  It has a built-in foam system that will produce up to a 1% foam mixture. It also has a portable eductor if higher foam concentrations are required.


Tender 7-5

1997 Freightliner chassis, diesel engine, with a 1500 Imp Gal (1800 USG) capacity water tank.  This is strictly a water tender - it cannot pump directly from the water tank.  It does, however, carry portable pumps, including a float pump, as well as additional structural and forestry hose.  It also carries two bladder style port-a-tanks that are used in areas where there are no hydrants - the tender shuttles water from a static source and dumps into the port-a-tanks, from which E-72 and/or E-71 can draft.


Engine 7-1

1991 Superior Pumper, diesel engine, with a Waterous pump capable of 1050 IGPM (1260 USGPM).  It carries 800 Imp Gal (960 USG) in an onboard tank. The pump has been recertified and, even though it is almost 30 years old, it is still operating at its original capacity.  Foam production on this apparatus requires a foam eductor attached to a discharge outlet, but it can produce up to a 6% foam mixture.