Bow Horn Bay Fire Department


Bow Horn Bay Fire Department responds to more than just house fires.  In addition to fire suppression, we are also trained to respond to a myriad of emergency incidents, including road rescue, auto extrication, and first responder medical services.

We are committed to rapidly responding to any life or property threat in our community.  Our members work as a high-performance team, volunteering their time, skills, and energy to serving their community.  



In 2022, the department responded to a total of 184 calls, including 109 First Responder calls for a total of 1,286 hours.  59% of our calls were for First Responder Medical Calls. 

Overall, it was a busy year for the fire department, with a variety of calls and incidents requiring the department's attention and expertise.  Our call breakdown can be seen in the table and graphs below: