BHBVFD Fund Raising Project

The Bow Horn Bay VFD has begun a fund-raising program. We now have the WASP Manufacturing Wildfire Sprinkler Protection Kits for sale, to raise funds toward the purchase of an inflatable Safety House.

Sprinkler protection, combined with a few FireSmart techniques to eliminate potential ignition sources, is a proven way of dramatically increasing the survivability of your home in a wildfire, at very little cost.
The sprinkler kits include two sprinklers, two brackets, and two hoses, and retail for $149.00. The sprinkler heads easily mount on the gutter of your home by placing them with a broom handle – no need for ladders.

To order a kit for yourself, fill out this order form, stop by the Bow Horn Bay fire hall on a Monday or Tuesday, or email

For a quick video click here:

For more info on the Wasp Manufacturing sprinkler kits, check…/wasp-gutter-mount-sprinkler-…/

For info on the FireSmart program, check

For info on the Safety House, check

Thanks everyone
Stay Safe

Do You Heat With Wood?

If you heat your home with wood here a few things to consider ...

The Condition of Your Chimney

  • Is it clean of creosote?
  • Is it in good condition inside & out? It should be checked and cleaned before the heating season starts.

The Quality of Your Wood

  • Is it seasoned dry wood, preferably two years old?
  • Do not burn 'green' or wet wood, and never place wet wood beside the stove to dry!

The Age of Your Wood Stove

  • Is it making the most efficient use of your wood while burning as cleanly as possible?

Check out the Regional District of Nanaimo's website for information on available grants to replace old wood appliances.

Is your House as Fire Safe as it Can Be?

  • Do you have fire extinguishers located near exits in both house and garage?
  • Have they been properly serviced and maintained? Do the members of your household know how to use them?
  • Do you have smoke detectors in your house? Do they work?
  • Do you have a fire escape plan and an outside meeting place?

Provincial Law now requires that you have AT LEAST ONE SMOKE DETECTOR in your residence. The Bow Horn Bay Fire Department recommends that you install battery operated smoke detectors near every bedroom door. We will ensure you get fresh batteries every year, free of charge, for as many smoke detectors that you have.